Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but keep it in your head. Revisiting these video games is actually just sad.

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  1. Fun fact, Anime breasts can be real. Less fun fact: the beholder gets slapped in the face with them. Source: me, an i cup before a reduction.

  2. One of the rare fails for WCG. Basic argument for nearly every game: "It's old". Who cares??? The REASON we go back to old games is because of nostalgia and they are still fun, not because we want to see how well they hold up to modern games. We all know they won't hold up well. Should have named this video: Games that MODERN Teens won't enjoy because they don't understand how great they were because they aren't as flashy.

  3. I wholefully agree because some mechanics (lack of dual analog sticks in 007 so there's a weird auto aim) levels, jokes, etc etc get outdated and it never holds up BUT then things like Star wars Pod Racer(Number 1 not that second garbage) and shadow of the colossus still hold up because its unique AND nostalgic. Trust me for example.. i loved the game Body Harvest for the 64 but maaaannnnn it doesn't age well at all

  4. "Or should I say the three ladies that watch this channel…" – Really fucking got me, ahahahha, im 1, where are the rest of youuuu

  5. Not a very fair list tbh. All of these were amazing games for their time, but this list put them up to modern day standards, which of course they don't compare, not the same league. I would not recommend any new players today to play these games, only if you want to go back and revisit your childhood memories. Mario N64 should also be on this list. And Conker was the best game every, "Dental Record Time" my fav gaming line of all time.

  6. Yeah i remember getting wood in class and my teacher wanted me to do my report and called my name. So i said hey i need to proof check can you call someone else please. Him not getting what I'm saying says don't be shy or embarrassed just do you're report. So me waving him over to me and whisper in his ear that my pencil is hard. He stands straight up and says "pencils i don't see any pen…..ooohhhh Jamie you're up"

  7. Bet the original ff7 for the first time in 2020. It holds up. Gameplay and story are enough to keep you entertained over the graphics (which arent as bad as people make out)

  8. This list is like saying "Don't play a NES titles because there is no save feature and games were only 8-bit"…..

  9. I wish we could get legit remasters of Silent Hill like we got with all the classic Resident Evil games. It is a bit of a shame that Konami has abandoned so many fantastic IPs for pachinko.

  10. If boobs actually jiggled like that. we would literally break our backs. like not joking. we would get a bad back over time. don't get me wrong! ladies with big ol bouncy bittys is hot as hell!. but you know…..spinal damage.

  11. I do agree with many of these but must say it was certainly a great decision to NOT include FF7 on this list…imo the game still holds up beautifully in every way and that is why we are still seeing ports of the original on modern systems like the switch…(btw the remake is also a masterpiece imo especially the music)

  12. I played Goldeneye 007 a few years ago,. My uncle has it from when he was a kid(among other cool things). It was really hard, tbh.

  13. I loved playing American Mcgee's Alice when I was a teenager but I tried to play it recently and I assumed the game wasn't so good. The camera is strange and the maps aren't well designed, with lots of unnecessary mazes and a weird story.

  14. I haven't played a single one of these games. I grew up with the original ratchet and clanks, spyro, sly cooper, burn out, and star wars battlefront 1 and 2.

  15. Dead space 2, Rumble roses, out of this world, silent hill, Tron deadly discs are my best. Now I want a beach themed game with all the MK girls (in swimwear)

  16. Ummmmm…so I just got an xbox one x…….and rare replay…and over the last 2 weeks beat both conker and banjo and kazooie………..and enjoyed the mess that the surfboard chase was….am I a bad person? (Going through gid of war 1/2/3/chains/ghost) ps3 with the collection now….god mode difficulty in 1…no picnic

  17. Ahhhhh! Whatculture Millennials' bias!
    The games I enjoyed as a jubilant rose face youth, were PacMan, Moon Patrol, Galaga et al
    And unlike their more contemporary successors (Tomb Raider, for example, is simply a 3D amalgum of every 2D platformer from the early 80's – Jumpman in hot pants so to speak), every one of them is as enjoyable (and maddening) today as they were 30+ years ago.

    Sorry kiddies, you missed the golden era of video games and the awe that their pixelated 8-bit graphics could inspire upon first viewing. Sucks to be you….you were teenage virgins AND had games that you can no longer enjoy.

    No wonder golden-era emulators are all the rage!

  18. For me the only one here I played was Mario kart 64
    None of the other ones looked fun to be honest. Also conker was just stupid IMO

  19. there is a goldeneye sequel/remake…for a list bashing games that are quickly thrown together, come on, do the research

  20. Half of this list is "We held this 15+ year old game up to modern standards of graphics and gameplay. Here's what happened. "


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